some of my projects

I designed a website for ‘Davis Jr’, a prominent South India-based clothing brand. The site showcases a clean, minimal, and premium branding design, reflecting the brand’s sophisticated aesthetic.

The ‘SussInn’ website, representing a prominent women’s clothing brand in South India, underwent a transformation to showcase a clean, minimal, and premium branding design, encapsulating the brand’s modern elegance.

I developed a trend-focused, single-page branding design for ‘Pop Brothers Ice Candy and Ice Cream’. Renowned among startup enthusiasts in Kerala, the website captures the company’s essence and offers a modern digital experience.

I meticulously crafted a streamlined and user-friendly website for ‘Wonder Valley Amusement Park’ located in Idukki. Every detail was carefully considered to ensure it met the client’s requirements, providing visitors with an intuitive browsing experience while capturing the park’s essence.

I meticulously crafted a digital platform for ‘Archana Maternity Hospital’ situated in Thodupuzha. The hospital stands out for its dedicated focus on maternity and newborn care, ensuring the utmost health and well-being of both mothers and their newborns.

I developed a comprehensive website for ‘JK International’, a leading company based in Dubai. They specialize in providing top-tier construction equipment and essential safety products to cater to the region’s growing infrastructure needs.

I designed a user-friendly website for ‘Safex Fire Safety’ – a Dubai-based company specialising in fire safety equipment.

Designed for a growing finance solution called Global Finance Solutions, this website is simple and attractive. Colors are chosen to fit the user’s eye and to convey the message of trust, security, loyalty, and reliability.

One page website for Global Edu Solutions. Simply designed pursuant to the customer’s preferences and requirements.

This is a well designed and highly interactive website for scale up marketing agencies. It is a typical example of a clay morphism and glass morphism combination


A beautiful website for Chefley’s cloud kitchen. The website’s color scheme and experience make the user feel calm and reflect the brand’s identity

A new trend web design for Hotel Presidency. This website has a different type of brutalism design perspective.


Designed according to the customer’s specifications, this well-designed website offers a wealth of information.

A well-structured eCommerce website with a simple design.